Our Cadets say it best!

 Cadet Responses to a 2016 Survey about how they have been positively influenced by the CACC

Good Choices / Character
• “Away from gangs”
• “Helped me lose about 60 pounds and gave me a higher purpose than just myself.”
• “Most importantly it's taught me how to survive in life when things are going bad.”
• “In the CACC, the leaders have pushed me to get the highest grades possible and to maintain those grades. They ask me what they can do to help me and give me suggestions on how to better myself.”
• “The CACC has kept me out of trouble and I strive to be on time for everything to where I have been showing up earlier”
• “I have been shown that being scared is ok when I get something wrong. Now I know that getting something wrong is common and I'm not afraid any more, sort of”

Leadership / Confidence

• “The CACC has helped me develop my leadership skills and integrity and has helped me develop into an overall better person and leader. It has given me much greater confidence in myself and my peers.”
• “One way the CACC has positively influenced me is their push to me becoming a leader. In uncomfortable situations, I was still pushed to take charge, leadership, and this has helped me exceed my expectations as a leader in a single year.”
• “Before joining the program, I was a shy little girl. Now I am a stronger, motivated, successful Battalion Commander.”
Ambition / Success
• “Before the CACC, I was introverted and wouldn't push myself to succeed. After taking a position as platoon sergeant, I've strived to move higher in position. Now, I am a Company First Sergeant and aspire to be CSM.”
• “The CACC has given me purpose and direction, when at the time of my enrollment in the CACC I had lost any and all motivation to procure my future.”
•  “I'm more active in school and spend time with the friends I made in the Cadet Corp that I can relate too.”
• “The CACC helped me through a horrible home situation with something to look forwards to.”
• “I have been influenced in a positive way by my commandant,(name omitted) because he always hopes for the best for me and by him telling me what he has been through and done in the military it really makes me want to try harder.”
•  “I have been influenced to volunteer not only in the cadet corps but at school and my city. Also to be more respectful and responsible.”
• “CACC has inspired me to broaden my view of the world and take my role in leadership. CACC has also encouraged me by using my knowledge that I learned in CACC to help me succeed in my future careers.”

2019 Testimonials from prior cadets

April - 2019

My parents brought me to South Central Los Angeles in the mid 1980’s from Honduras.  Not knowing the language and being introduced to one of the toughest neighborhoods in Los Angeles, I found guidance and to some degree, refuge in the California Cadet Corps.  My mentor was commandant Captain Frank O’Connor who is now a happily retired English teacher.  I remain in touch with him out of respect for the difference he made in the lives of many kids like me at that time.  After graduating from college in the Los Angeles area, I started a family and began my adult life.  A few years later, my family and I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area and eventually made our way to our beautiful home in Sacramento. 

My wife and I were taking a stroll by the State Capitol one day when I was delighted/rushed by a memory of mine when I was being awarded a first place Ribbon for the CACC Individual Major Award (IMA). The topic of conversation for the IMA championship at that time was the fall of the Berlin Wall.  This brought me many pleasant memories and reasons to share this message with you.

Since my days in Los Angeles, I’ve volunteered/lead a few organizations that support faith, leadership and democracy.  I currently serve on two boards in my community, and I often find myself remembering the leadership skills that were taught to me by the CACC.  I truly believe that those foundational years were highly influenced by the CACC, and the CACC offered the right ingredients I needed for the life experience that was to come later...

I want to send my deepest and sincerest gratitude to the leadership and supporters of the California Cadet Corps.  I hope your mission and good work continue to help kids like me in this awesome country.

If there is anything, I can do to help your mission, please don’t hesitate to call.

~California Cadet Corps Thanks you for your time and commitment and passion for the program~